We Love our FlexxELights! We have them throughout our home. It gives us peace of mind knowing that we will never be left in the dark! Craig & Tess S., Puyallup, WA

Bulb + Emergency Light +
+ Alarm = ALL-IN-ONE!

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Flexx E Light is a product of EDI Global, LLC

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  • About EDI Global, LLC
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    EDI Global LLC's mission is to become the best supplier, trainer, and community supporter for Emergency and Disaster Products, and Equipment, which includes Supplies, Materials, and Information in order to Prepare, Mitigate, Respond, and Recover from Major Emergencies and Disasters. It is our goal to support our community, individuals, institutions, private companies, military, government, and non-profit organizations in time of need.

    We are a professional company that has the expertise, knowledge, skills, and ability to assist each individual to not be a liability, but instead to be an asset to protect yourself, your family, and to support your community in time of crisis.

    We are qualified to prepare you with the knowledge, proper skills, and resources to assist you to Get ready, Be Ready, and Stay Ready.

  • Merle Frank
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    Merle Frank had a fascination for fire fighting from a young age. He obtained an Associate Degree in Fire Administration and began working for the Marion County Fire District in Salem, Oregon. At the age of 29, Merle became the youngest Fire Chiefs in the United States, for the City of Brookings, Oregon. As Fire Chief, his role included Assistant Director of Curry County Emergency Management. He later moved to Puyallup, Washington as Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director where he served for 32 years.

    Merle has a commitment to people and his community. Although retired from the Fire Service, he is active in the Emergency Management arena in preparing people to be assets, and not liabilities, during times of major emergencies and disasters. In his many years in the fire service, he saw first hand the horrific results of lighting candles during power outages. Knowing that there was a better way, he has worked tirelessly to increase awareness and to provide products and services to minimize the dangers and risks during an emergency event.

    Merle graduated from the Evans School of Management at the University of Washington. Merle resides in Puyallup, Washington with his wife of 47 years. He and his wife enjoy boating and spending time with their grandchildren.

  • Dan Rzasa
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    Daniel Rzasa attended Montana State University and received Bachelors degrees in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

    He began working with Alstom as a Technical Manager at a BNSF Railway Facility. Daniel joined General Electric as a Technical Manager. His career with General Electric led him to many advancements and promotions as an Operations Planner, Facility Manager, and most recently as a Global Project Manager.

    During his career with General Electric, Daniel graduated from Ross Business School with an Executive MBA. Daniel attained certification as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and led a Shingi Event under the guidance of one of Toyota’s Lean Senseis.

    Daniel’s latest business venture has partnered him with Merle Frank, Puyallup Fire Chief - Retired and majority owner of EDI Global LLC to specialize in Emergency Response and Preparedness products, services, and training. Daniel has been instrumental in the development and advanced design features of the new Flexx E Light soon to be released in the United States.

    Daniel currently resides in Tacoma, Washington with his wife and three children. He and his family enjoy boating and his passion for fishing. Daniel has his US Coast Guard Captain’s License (Merchant Mariner Document) to operate various vessels in the Puget Sound and on the Pacific Ocean.

EDI Global, LLC
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